A beautiful home in The Colony, TexasRoof materials and Roofing styles in The Colony change as the times change. Have you thought about your roofing options for your home or business?

Roofing Trends

Trends affect our home exteriors and roofing in the same way that they affect our vehicles, clothing, and appliances. Here are some of the most interesting roofing trends.

Some of the most recent roofing trends emphasize sustainability and energy savings. Eco-friendly roof materials and products appear to be on consumers’ minds when determining what’s best.

Cool Roofs

While researchers studied the reflecting qualities of roofing materials and colors, a new market for cool roofs emerged. Remember Mom’s adage about wearing white in the heat and avoiding dark colors? Roof systems were subjected to this law by manufacturers. They discovered that cold materials reflect sunlight, causing heat to be rejected due to the reflecting paint and light color.

A cool roof reflects the heat of the sun back into the sky, keeping your home or commercial structure cool. We encourage that you conduct your research and make an informed decision. Some cooling roof products are comparable to other roofing materials in price; others may be more expensive. The shortfall, however, will be repaid in energy savings.

Metal Roof

For a long time, metal roofing was thought to be undesirable for residential use. It is one of the most durable roofs, withstanding rain, wind, fire, and snow. One of the benefits of a metal roof is its reflecting characteristics. It is one of the most common residential roofing options.

Panels for solar energy

Although solar panels have been on the market for some time, Tesla, a pioneer in solar development, has developed solar tiles that resemble traditional roofing tiles. You will see significant savings on your energy bill.

Tesla’s new solar roofing materials are available in a variety of forms, including “Slate Glass Tile,” “Tuscan Glass Tile,” “Texture Glass,” and “Smooth Glass Tile.”

All of these tiles are composed of quartz glass that has solar cells implanted in them. They can create enough energy to power your home, and the energy is designed to be stored in battery units to always have a backup.

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